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  • Exploration, collection, introduction and conservation of all sericultural germplasm.
  • National accessioning and registration of sericultural germplasm resources.
  • Quarantine and phytosanitory certification of all incoming and out going germplasm resources.
  • Characterisation, evaluation and cataloguing of all the sericultural germplasm resources.
  • Collaborate inter and intra-organisational research activities pertaining to germplasm.
  • Imparting training on germplasm resource management.
  • Promotion of germplasm utilisation within the country.
  • Co-ordination of inter and intra-state supply and exchange of all sericultural germplasm resources.
  • To protect sericultural germplasm resources from extinction and preserve such national heritage for posterity.



  • To explore, collect and introduce mulberry and silkworm germplasm.
  • To undertake characterisation, classification, preliminary evaluation & cataloguing of germplasm collection for promoting utilisation of genetic resources.
  • To serve as the long term National Repository of sericultural genetic resources and national accessioning.
  • To act as a nodal agency for registration and reference centre for important germplasm resources.
  • To play a lead role in the inter institutional collaboration for screening /testing / evaluation of sericultural germplasm.
  • To co-ordinate import and export of genetic resources along with quarantine check pertaining to incoming germplasm and issuing phytosanitory certificate for export of germplasm.
  • To serve as the National Data Base and Herbarium/ Display of sericultural genetic resources.
  • To supply the germplasm to all needy organizations.
  • To impart training in sericultural germplasm resource management.



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:Home   :About Us   :Mandate/Activities  :Mulberry Germplasm   :Silkworm Germplasm 

:Newsletter    :Germplasm Registration    :Indent for Germplasm    :Events/Advt.    :Tenders    :Contact us