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Select Accession type
Scientific Name
Branching Nature
Curve or straigtness of the branch
Colour of young shoot
Colour of matured shoot
Leaf colour
Leaf apex
Leaf nature
Leaf surface
Leaf texture
Leaf margin
Leaf base
Leaf lobation type
Leaf shape
Fruit colour
Fruit taste
Stomatal size(sq.Ám) <=
Stomatal frequency (no./sq.mm)<=
Upper cuticular thickness(Ám) >=
Lower cuticular thickness(Ám) >=
Upper epidermal thickness(Ám) >=
LOwer epidermal thickness(Ám) >=
Leaf thickness(Ám) >=
No. of Chloroplast/stomata >=
No. of branches(no.) >=
Length of the longest shoot (cm)>=
Total shoot length(cm) >=
Wt. of 100 leaves(g) >=
Leaf yield/plant (kg)>=
Internodal distance (cm) <=
Moisture content % >=
Moisture Retionsion Capacity % >=
Survival % >=
Palisade thickness (Ám) >=
Spongy thickness (Ám) >=